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Meet the Board

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Angela Loughridge

Founder & President

As the founder of Response. Ability., Angela Loughridge executed her vision of the girl empowerment program in 2019. As an existing entrepreneur with a background in the airline, computer science, telecommunications, and banking/investment industries, Angela saw that the future needed diversity of thought. She believed that the generation of young women after her required skills and positive direction to thrive in a society that would benefit from their strengths. She and her spouse are from and live in the city of Richmond, Virginia.

Recent Podcast on Zen Rabbit

(804) 314-8699

Kierstyn Le

Vice President

Kierstyn loves heart-opening conversations,    being immersed in nature and inspiring young women to feel empowered to follow their dreams. She has shared her stories for us on ‘Nutrition’ and ‘Independence’ and never fails to bring her creativity. Ever since she was invited to speak in July of 2019, she has been dedicated to our work. As a female entrepreneur, LMT, womb healer and empath, Kierstyn has the heart and drive to make an impact on her community through Response.Ability.'s vision.

(804) 687-3794

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Chandra Richins


Chandra Richins, Board Secretary since 2020, is deeply committed to the mission and vision of Response. Ability.. As a woman and mother she knows how essential it is for girls to learn early in their lives that they can make their own best choices and lead their families and communities in bringing good to the world. She believes the best way women can give strength and support to other women is by sharing our struggles and victories in open and honest ways and by teaching one another the wisdom we've gained through our experiences. Chandra enjoys dance, experiencing the beauties of nature, and interior design. She brings her eye for design and organizational skills to Response. Ability.'s board. 

(804) 244-2052

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